Thursday, February 27, 2014

Making A Valentine Box Diva Style

My daughter can't do anything the simple way. If there is creativity in play, you can bet she is going to try and go all out one way or the other. When she came home telling us it was time to make her valentine box, we just knew that meant trouble.

It took her forever to decide on a box and design, but eventually she went with Care Bears and a huge box. I had tried to get her to use the foil covered box design we always used as kids, but she wasn't having any of that. Instead she decided we should cover the box with different kinds of scrapbook paper. This was followed by coloring and cutting out the perfect Care Bears from a coloring book and gluing them to the sides of the box.

She then had to decorate the box with stickers, sequins, glue and lots of glitter. In the end, she loved her box so it was worth all the time we spent making it. Love that crazy girl!

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