Monday, February 24, 2014

It's Perfect Prom Dress Time!

I have noticed a lot of conversation about prom lately. It seems like everywhere I look, I see something about it. I am so glad my daughter is still years away from all of that. Prom season means the search is on for all of the things needed to make it the perfect night. While the men might handle the car and tux, everyone knows the real activity comes when the girls are looking for their dream prom ensemble.

Finding the right dress for this event  is an absolute must for teenage girls. Prom dresses, like those from JenJenHouse, come in such a wide variety of style and color, that the hard part can be deciding which one to choose. So much time can be spent going from store to store,or searching online for the exact look wanted and deciding between ballgown or empire, mermaid and sheath can be a tough decision for any teenage girl. Each style offers it's own unique look, so it is important to pick the one that best accents her body shape and size.

Of course, a prom dress really has to be the perfect color too. Matching a dance theme or school colors might influence the shade choice, but so should skin tone and hair color. A great prom dress will accent the figure while not revealing too much. It's cut and style should be flattering and the color should compliment your natural look, not overshadow it and leave you looking less than perfect.
While it may take a bit of browsing, a lot of time, and maybe even a few fitting sessions, in the end finding the look that suits you will be well worth the investment. You want to be picture perfect for your special day. After all, prom only comes once a year and is a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

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