Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Surgery-Again!

I can't remember if I posted on here or not, but a few weeks ago I had an incident at the hospital. I say incident because I was scheduled for surgery and even went in for the pre-op routine that day. I had called ahead to the office and asked for the doctor to call me before surgery, but he either didn't have time, or didn't get the message.

Anyway, there I am, all drugged up on whatever they gave me to relax, plus my normal medications for the morning. They had marked my foot, performed the nerve block on my leg, and done the initial paperwork.All that was left was routine stuff until it was time to operate. After waiting over 3 hours, they were telling me I had to wait around another hour or so because everything was backed up. Then the doctor comes in and I pull out my list of questions to which he says, "Oh, you're THAT patient". I was asking basic questions and was a little nervous, as expected, but he acted like it was a waste of his time to be answering my questions. I don't know if it was the mix of medications and nerves, or what happened, but I guess I ended up calling the doctor some very not nice things after he told me he was going to cancel the surgery because I had too many questions and it was not the time to answer them. I remember being irate that there was a "wrong time" to ask a question before allowing them to cut me open and screw me back together.

In the end, I didn't have surgery, was asked to find another doctor and escorted from the building by security. I don't really remember most of this but my husband was there with me. I only know I was stuck with a leg that I couldn't feel for a day and a half and no doctor, no surgery and a lot of pain after.

Thankfully, I have found and visited a new surgeon and after taking a round of Vitamin D, I will be having surgery in a little over 2 weeks...

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