Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frugal Living Ideas for 2014

With an ever more challenging economy to survive in it’s important in the New Year to spend less money. There are several ways you can effectively pinch pennies all though these tips may seem simple, these tactics to save some extra cash are often over looked or neglected. If you are serious about saving money in 2014 these tips are priceless.

Five Frugal Living Ideas for 2014 –

1.     1.     Carpool – This should be obvious even though a lot of people still fail to use this timeless classic for saving money. There are several areas of your life that carpooling can be used to save money. Some of these areas include; taking the children to and from school, commuting to and from work, as well as taking the kids to and from afterschool activities.
2.     2.   Eat more leftovers – People now a day can be wasteful, and eating leftovers can save a good amount of money. Try this method twice a week something like Thursdays and Sundays, you can save your leftovers from the previous couple days and have a pot luck type dinner twice a week.
3.    3.   Watch Movies Online – Going to the movies can cost a lot of money plain and simple, especially if you have a large family. Popcorn can be as much as seven dollars and sodas aren’t much cheaper. Instead try Netflix or a similar service; you can cut a night at the movies down from over a hundred dollars to less than twenty.
4.     4.     Vacation Close to Home – There are always places to vacation closer to home. Camping is a cheap alternative to traveling long distance and even a day trip to the beach is a great way to unwind and save some cash while still having a good time with the family.
5.     5.      Buy Less Stuff – This should be obvious, but there are several daily items we can cut out to save money and live more frugal in 2014. Commodities like Star Bucks and Red Bull, and even eating out for lunch vs. packing a lunch at home really ad up.

These Five tips for Frugal Living in 2014 can dramatically affect your bank account

If you follow these tips on a consistent basis you can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. Saving money in the New Year really can be that easy, all it will take is a little dedication and possibly some sacrifice, but the pressure that you can alleviate is invaluable. Keep diligent in your efforts and Frugal Living in 2014 should be a snap. 

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