Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trying the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine

I am a  member of Crowdtap and we sometimes receive samples of products to try. This week I was sent some of the new Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes to try in the bathroom. Now, I know you don't need to hear the details of my toilet use, but because that is the subject at hand, I sort of have to go there a little.

I must admit I was a little hesitant about trying these. I kind of felt like a baby needing to clean myself after having a dirty diaper. I was not sure what to expect, but I went ahead and tried them. I also shared the sample packets I was sent with some friends to see how they liked them.

I was surprised by the feel of the wipes. They are wet enough to clean, but not dripping or running as you use them. They have a soft feel and are thick enough that your fingers do not go through. The convenient storage container allows you to pull out a wipe when needed without having to touch several others. This was nice because, really, who wants someone else to touch the wipe you are going to use "down there".

The easy to use dispenser was a big plus for me. It reminded me of baby wipes but without the huge container. The wipes are a nice size that work well for cleaning. These are great for every day use and would be a blessing for times when you can't stay off the pot. I found them useful, not only for cleaning up after using the toilet, but also for cleaning during menstruation. These provided a way to clear away any mess before using a new pad or tampon.

All in all I think these have many great uses. I will not say they are for everyone, all the time, but I think that anyone who tries them will find a nice use for them. Keep some on hand for company, throw a pack in the car for emergencies, or keep some in your purse for on the go needs. I am putting one in the bathroom for my boys. They might not use them on their rears, but they have bad aim and can use them to clean up any mess left behind!

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