Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our B-Daman Battle Master Party

I am a member of House Party and was recently selected to host  B-Daman Battle Master Party. I had never heard of these little guys before, but with two boys, I figured they had. I was excited to share these with their friends, and maybe add an item to some Christmas lists too.

The B-Daman characters are little guys that shoot marbles from their stomachs. You set up the playing field, get your marbles ready and blast away. Depending on the set or game, the objective changes slightly, but for the most part, whoever sends more targets at their opponent first, wins.

We received two of the action figures within the Battlefield set, so we used those for the tournaments. We did several rounds until we had a single winner who was able to select a character to take home. Because we had two different sets, we did the same with both games and ended with 4 winners. The kids had a blast trying to outscore one another and everyone enjoyed trying these new toys.

Assembling these is really simple and they can go right back in the box when not in use. Each character comes equipped with a filling cup, ready to send their little balls zipping into targets and obstacles. You simply snap the holding piece onto the figure and fill it with marbles before starting. As you play, you grab your colored marbles to refill your launcher until someone wins.

I was provided with coupons to share with the parents. They were able to grab one of these at almost half price by using it. I though that was a great incentive to grab more of these if they wanted. I know my kids have requested some of their own already.

*The information, party pack and gifts were provided by the sponsor through House Party. All opinions are my own.

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