Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Samsung Galaxy SIII Experience

After my not-so-perfect experience with the Windows 8X phone, I mentioned that I had gotten a Samsung Galaxy SIII. My husband had one in white, so I opted for the Pebble Blue color. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was how reflective the color was. I don't know that I would call it blue, as it seemed more silver or grey to me, but it really is very pretty. Even my husband said he would rather have that than the white.

I loved playing with all the features on this phone, there are so many to choose from. My favorite, of course, is the tap to share option. My husband never loads his photos on the computer and he always has a few I want/need for a project, photo book or gift. Using tap-to-share, I could have him send me the ones I needed , easily in a few seconds.

I also spent a little time browsing the Play Store to find the tile app I wanted. I just loved the tiles on the Windows phone and had to have them on this one too. After finding the correct tile app, I imported my contacts and was good to go...or so I thought. Within just a few days of getting this phone, I started to notice that every time I had a conversation on it, the person on the other end would have trouble hearing me at random times. I could be in the same place, with the same coverage, and still have these interruptions during every call. How annoying! I was having to repeat something or waiting for an answer or reply to something they didn't even hear...every few minutes. After a few days of this I had an incident where my phone was sitting in another room and I was the only person home. My phone rang and I went to answer it to discover it was my mom "calling me back". She said her phone rang, it showed a call from me, but when she answered, I wasn't there, so she hung up and called me back. I hadn't called her at all that day.

I contacted customer service and tech support to no avail and finally just decided to return the phone while I was still under buyers remorse. I could have gotten another of the same phone, but discovered my long-awaited Google Nexus 4 was finally in stock. After over 6 weeks of waiting, it was available and probably not for long, so now I will see if it was worth the wait.

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