Friday, February 22, 2013

Lock Out Prying Eyes with the RecordVault App

The typical human has way too much personal material stored on their phones. From photos we don't want to share with the world, to accounts, emails and contact data, our phones are a smorgasbord of personal information. Information that is just waiting to be stolen, copied or released to the masses of unknown predators lurking everywhere.

Think of how many people you contact in any given week, how many calls you make, texts you send or files you share. Would you really want all of that to be accessible at just the touch of a button, to anyone who happens to stumble across your phone? With the number of apps and add-ons available for mobile devices, it has become common to store vital information without a thought to the consequences. While keeping memberships, card numbers, addresses and more in your phone can save you time and hassle, it can also be devastating if used inappropriately.

Protecting your privacy has become more and more important as the number of identity theft victims increases, but that is not nearly the only reason to do so. Addresses provide criminals with opportunity for robbery or home invasion. Photos can be altered or shared with the world. Schedules tell everyone where you are and what you are doing. The possibilities for disaster are limitless and it is up to you to prevent that from happening.

Using the RecordVault app by PerSys Tek, you can safely and effectively protect the privacy of yourself and everyone close to you. Using state of the art technology and military grade encryption, this amazing app allows you the peace of mind to store what you want without worrying about the consequences.

The RecordVault app is available on the Google Play store for just $9.99. This one time low price will allow you a lifetime of security and peace of mind on all your current and future devices. Not only can it be used to protect your own information, but can be a vital asset for those in many fields too. You can safely store customer info, employee data, medical records and more with ease and security.

Using this app, you can send information from your device to the vault, or drag and drop it there manually. Your log in data is not stored anywhere, it is computed dynamically, so there is no way for anyone to gain access to it. You don't have to lock your entire phone or store all of your information, you can simply pick and choose which things you want to keep in the vault and which you don't. You have complete control over what you can and cannot see, but in the case of an emergency,  medical professionals can still access your important medical information quickly and easily.

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