Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meet the Google Nexus 4

After my short trials with the Windows 8X and the Samsung Galaxy SIII devices, I was no longer so excited to have a new phone. Yes, I had been waiting on my Google Nexus 4 for weeks and weeks, but after the hassle of switching phones, saving and transferring data and returning them, I was done with all the drama. I tried to remain optimistic about it though, and planned to try the panoramic picture option as soon as I could.

When my phone arrived, the first thing I noticed was the glittery look of the glass. It was so shimmery I had a hard time taking off the clear protective covers so I wouldn't scratch it. ( I might be just a little paranoid ). The Gorilla Glass body coupled with the sparkle really is quite lovely.  I finally did plug it in to charge and browsed the box contents to learn more about it while I waited.

It took me a few days to master the usage of this phone because it is set up differently than anything I have had before. The power button and volume control were simple,but the on screen controls were a little strange at first. The 4.7 inch screen glides with your touch and gives you complete control over everything with just a simple touch, press or flick of the finger.

This Jelly Bean running Android phone is simply amazing. I love the smoothness of the screen and the response speed too. I am able to see everything I need, clearly and instantly with great color and detail. Taking photos is a blast with the scrolling options and touch to zoom feature. I love that it aligns itself for the panoramic shots and allows a full view of anything in one photo.

This phone was intended to be pure Android power, and it delivers nicely. The Snapdragon S4 Pro system allows you to jump from app to app, run multiple screens at once, play games, transfer files and more, all with no lag. 

To say I am thrilled with my new phone would be an understatement...I am overjoyed, relieved, excited, delighted...the list goes on.

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