Tuesday, February 19, 2013

50 Shades Darker-Continuing the Story


When Ana left Christian at the end of 50 Shades of Grey, I was heartbroken. I know it is a crazy relationship, but he is just so damn sexy. I find myself drifting off, thinking about the things he does and says. It's not so much that you want HIM, but that you want your own version that can entice the way he does. Reading some of the scenes has left me wanting more, and not just more of the book. Exploring a secret lifestyle is highly erotic and can leave you, hmm... flushed to say the least.

I almost had a heart attack when the first book ended, but I knew they would end up together once I discovered there was a second one. The pull between the two main characters is something you cannot ignore. Watching the domineering master cast aside his fears to open himself for the woman he loves is beautiful.

I was amazed at the speed in which Christian dropped all of his rules and expectations just to have another chance with Ana. The love that he feels for her is one we all hope for. His ability to give her the world is nice, but I think he would be just as attractive without it. The lost, sad, and scared little boy that he is inside pulls you to him. You want to soothe his worries and calm his fears, no matter what he wants to do back to you.

Seeing more of the inside of their lives was a nice touch in this book. Bringing back the ex subs, and adding a dash of trouble with the evil Elena, brought out the feral side of Ana. The drama in this story keeps you turning the pages, while your mind works to figure out the underlying issues and problems at hand.

Some would say this is like any other love story. They end up together, with tons of money and can do whatever they want. I agree with that too a point, but think that the painting of the scenes and the emotion portrayed bypass any other romance novel I have ever read. This book is not just about the good times, it doesn't sugar coat what is real, but allows you to experience the fear, desire, hatred and love right along with them.

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