Monday, February 4, 2013

Girl Scout Drama

This is my daughters first year being in Girl Scouts. I have to admit ,I was not so keen on her starting,but her cousin was a member and she wanted to join with her. I finally agreed and she started a few months ago. We began our experience being told we needed to pay for the uniform and patches to start. We filled out all the paperwork and sent in her dues.

Reagan was thrilled when she received her sash, hat, and troop number patches and she loves wearing them to meetings and gatherings. She attended her first couple of meetings with no issues but then I started to notice a lack of organization. We didn't find out about meetings until a few hours before the scheduled time. We never have any notice of what is going to happen until we get a permission slip for a trip or event. Several meetings have been cancelled or started late due to leader issues. I have noticed events and sales on the website but found it on my own, nobody even told us there was an online store. I just don't see how we are expected to get the full experience this way.

My biggest problem was getting the cookie forms days after the sale started...and then being expected to return them before the scheduled date. I think we ended up with about 10 days to do all of the sales, so it didn't go as well as planned.

On the other hand, Reagan does love being a Girl Scout. She loves her new friends she has made and attending the events they participate in. So far she has been in a parade, prepared Meals on Wheels packages during the holidays, attended a skating party, sold cookies and is doing a World Vision project today. She loves everything to do with it.

It might be a big headache for me, but I am glad I let her do this and will continue to let her...even if I have to start my own troop. Just kidding...maybe.

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