Sunday, February 10, 2013

50 Shades of Grey Leaves You Wanting More

I am not usually one to follow the trend when it comes to books. I have read a few suggested titles and grabbed an idea or two from places like Goodreads or Oprahs Book Club, but for the most part, I read whatever sounds good to me. I tend to stray from the norm, so when I saw all the hype surrounding the book, 50 Shades of Grey, I had no real interest in reading it.

As time went on, I saw more and more mentions of this book...and with some very interesting comments too. I was curious, but not enough to run out and buy it yet, so when a friend said she had it, I told her to bring it over the next time she visited so I could finally just read it.

I have to say, boy was I ever wrong. I was amazed by how much I loved this story. The forbidden aspect of what it covers and the pure eroticism it details are enough to make anyone a little excited. I enjoyed every last second of Christian Grey and would love to have one of him for myself.

The story begins so innocently, with a simple interview between a soon to be college graduate and a wealthy,  and breathtaking, businessman. I had no idea that the story would take off so fast, or that Mr. Grey would be so brazen in his assault on Ana. I say that with a smile, as the assault is something I would be happy to endure, yet it is shocking in comparison to the "norm". The fast progression from strangers, to so much more is almost, but not quite, unbelievable. There is just enough romance and sadness to keep it from being classified as pornographic, yet the images it paints are anything but offensive.

Watching Ana go from a timid and innocent girl, to a woman who thrills in the fantasies of her "inner goddess", is empowering. I think what makes this such a captivating read is that it brings out the desires that lay within you. The book makes you crave the electrifying experiences and situations that are simply above and beyond the limited sexual tendencies of most people.

I liked that there is just enough physical description of the characters to paint the images in your mind, yet with enough breathing room that it still allows a little mystery. The descriptions of the dominant vs submissive  roles leaves you breathless and craving more. You almost feel like a voyeur while watching Christian teach Ana how to love the dark side...almost but not quite.


Yona Williams said...

Oh I'm going to have to see what all the fuss is

amanda hardesty said...

Yes, I finished 50 Shades Darker and am now on 50 Shades Freed and am not tired of them yet!