Friday, January 11, 2013

What Did You Get for Christmas?

If you are like me,you can never come up with a good idea when someone asks what you want for Christmas. Yes,there are things I may want,but they need to be fitted,personalized or otherwise altered so I cannot ask for those. Then of course,you have the things that you may want,but they cost too much to expect them as a gift.Usually when someone asks me what I want,I will give them a vague answer like body spray or kitchen towels..something simple that can be gotten just about anywhere so I don't have to return anything.

This year,as always,I received money. This is my favorite gift because I can turn it into whatever I want or save it until I find something I need. I haven't really decided just what it is I want to get yet,but when I do,I will already have the money for it.

I got a few small items like ornaments and such from the kids school store but didn't get pictures of them before I packed them back up for next year. I also received a new set of Farberware pots and pans. I didn't really need these,but it did allow me to toss out a pan or two that had seen better days.

I lucked into some new candles,socks,household items and some great gift cards too including  2 for Arbys and another for Outback Steakhouse. I guess I won't have to cook dinner for a couple of days somewhere along the line. (Not that I have been doing that anyway since the surgery!)

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