Thursday, January 24, 2013

Post Surgery-2 Months Later

It has been a little over 2 months since my foot surgery. I am still not able to walk or do many other things that I want to do. I was able to start trying to take steps last week,but that didn't go so well and I have been back to no walking since. The bones are finally growing together as they should,but I think I am stepping directly on the head of the screw when I try to walk. There is a sensitive spot on the heel and I seem to feel a knot there as well.
                                              This is the top of my ankle now
The incisions have finally healed and I am left with some nice new scars. If anyone knows,or is, a PR rep for skin products,I am in dire need of something to lessen these and soften the skin back .

          The one under the ankle took the longest to heal.I have pain there all the time and it looks like a hot mess. There is still nerve damage there,but the surgery wasn't to address that right now so we will see what happens there.

At this point,I can only take a few steps with a cane or walker. I also have a knee walker,which is kind of like a kids scooter with a pad to place your knee. It is very helpful or I wouldn't be able to go anywhere outside of my home. I am hoping it gets better soon and that I can walk and move again. I am assigned physical therapy three times a week and maybe that will help too. Wish me luck!

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