Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My New Windows 8x Phone

I just got a new phone. Well I should say I got it a little over a week ago. I wanted to replace the MyTouch 4G I was using,mainly just to have something new. We have been T-mobile customers for a few years,so I knew they had some fun new phones to try. I called to see what we could do and ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy III for my husband (in the 32gb version ) and the new Windows 8X phone for myself.

I loved the color and style of this phone right from the start. The blue is a T-mobile color but I have seen it  in green,black and red too. The 8X is super slim and squared on the edges,giving it a much more "sharp" look. Everything is controlled from the touch screen,which is exceptionally bright and clear.You can even snap photos from the screen or the button,allowing a much more controlled photo option.

I love that you can do fun stuff like remote control your pc and features the touch-to-share option too. ou can even sign into the Windows store on your computer or tablet and send the apps to your phone with one click.This makes browsing a snap,allowing you to do it on the larger screen and while performing other action. Browse the market,find what you want,click and within seconds you will have it ready to go on your mobile device.

I love that this phone features the tiled home screen.This is a much more fun and personalized look for me than the android style.The phone also came with Slacker radio,voice command,GPS and other fun stuff installed. It even has a feature just for the kids. You can set up the kid space to allow them access to apps and games you selected. This way they can safely play with your phone,without worries over what they might have access to.

***About 2 weeks after receiving this phone, it stopped working. I attempted to charge it,power it on and even tried to do a powerless master reset with customer service,all to no avail. The phone will not do anything at all,not even a light when plugged into the pc or charger. T-mobile informed me that devices do fail at times and just to send it back. It was replaced by a shiny new Samsung Galaxy SIII in blue.

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