Thursday, January 24, 2013

Red Robin FAIL

Last weekend my husband and I went to Red Robin for a quiet dinner without the kids. My sister had offered to keep them for the night so we took advantage of the alone time. It was my first attempt at going out on my foot after surgery,so I was being careful not to do too much. I had to walk with a cane and the huge boot on my foot,but we went anyway.

My darling husband chose Red Robin because it sounded good at the time. We have eaten there before but not at this particular location,so we weren't entirely sure what to expect. I noticed that the parking lot was a mess,but it had been lightly snowing for awhile,so some of that was expected. We parked and had to walk up a slanted walkway ramp to the door. The walkway was covered in ice and I almost fell trying to get in.My husband even slipped and he was wearing boots.

I did make it inside,unharmed,and we approached the podium to be seated. There were no people in the waiting area and one group standing beside the podium with drinks. The greeter came a moment later and informed us there were no tables ready but to hold on a minute while she looked for one. While we were waiting,another group arrived and were told to have a seat. At this point,my foot was beginning to hurt,so I turned to go sit down. Of course, at that moment, another girl arrived,spoke to the greeter,who then told us a table would be ready in just a second.

A moment later we were led to a table. As soon as we sat down I noticed it was still wet and not exactly clean. you could tell they had just swiped it in a hurry. I used a napkin to wipe it down and we ordered drinks and appetizers. As I looked at the menu,I noticed the floor beside me.

As you can see it was filthy.There was dirt,trash and pieces of food all around the table. I ordered a chocolate shake,but i guess the waitress assumed I needed a giant shake,which not only cost more,but was way too much for me. they brought me a shake in a glass and the rest of it in a freezing cold tumbler with a spoon that didn't even reach outside of the cup,so it was covered in ice cream and so was my hand.

The appetizers came and the cheese sticks were really good. This is and order of zucchini sticks and an order of cheese sticks that they served together. I assumed the zucchini sticks would be close in size to the cheese sticks,but they were huge chunks of zucchini that you had to cut with a knife. The breading fell off when you cut it,they were hard and we didn't even finish half of them. 

 This was the mess of a steak sandwich my husband received. it looked like they had dropped it,and then thrown it all back in the bun.

My sandwich looked good at first. I went to eat it and discovered the turkey was under cooked in some spots and the hunks of avocado were like pickle spears. They were too big for the sandwich and a little hard too. I ended up eating a bite or two off the edge,which resulted in a soggy bottom of the croissant and way too much lettuce between the two kinds that were on it. Oh and I think there was one slice of bacon in there cut into two or three pieces.

My soup was very good,but without the sandwich to go with it,I only ate a few bites. I would have liked to eat more of it,but by that time I was frustrated. My husband ate about half of his sandwich and we decided to leave. The waitress asked me if I wanted to take the food with me and when I told her no,she asked if something was wrong. I told her my issues and she left to settle the check. When she returned,she did tell me that she had the manager remove the cost of my plate from the bill. I thanked her and we left. We still spent almost $50 for a meal we might have finished half of,and it wasn't because it was too much to eat!

All in all this was a big FAIL. The only good thing out of the visit was a very nice and attentive waitress who received a tip to match. After all,it wasn't her fault the visit was a disaster,although she could have given me the right shake and cleaned up before she seated us.

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