Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visiting Old Mans Cave and Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills

Sunday we took the kids for a day trip to Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills.I love going out there and spending time in the woods listening to nature.I forgot how little nature you can actually hear with 3 noisy children at your side,but we still had a great day.

 Hanging out on the rocks

We ended up walking two trails,all the way to Rose Lake and did a total of 5 hours and 6 miles in the woods.The kids loved seeing trees grow out of the sides of the cliffs and roots grown down over huge rocks

 The entrance to one of the underground sections of the trails

Standing under the falls..which were dry that day of course.The kids really wanted to play in the falls but that didn't work out so well.Maybe we will get enough rain before winter to go back and try again!

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