Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Recipes from Cadbury Tea Party-Tea Sandwiches

One of the best light foods to serve at a summer gathering are Tea Sandwiches.Perfect for nibbling,they can be made in a variety of flavors and styles to suit everyone.These work best as small sandwiches so I stick with something about the size of a credit card or smaller.The recipes came from Cadbury with my ideas thrown in after.

Cucumber Cream Cheese-
Spread softened cream cheese on cut white bread.Add thin slices of cucumber to taste and top with another slice of bread. (These also work on sourdough or wheat)

Apple,Chicken and Cheese-
Cover one slice of bread with spreadable cheese.Top with thinly sliced apple and pieces of chicken. (Cheddar or Swiss work well with this recipe)

Ham and Cheese-
Spread a light layer of mayonnaise on one slice of bread.Add slices of ham and cheese as desired.Top with thinly sliced tomatoes.(Baked ham and Colby cheese or chopped ham and American.Top with a couple of slices of bacon for an extra treat)

Spread hummus on both slices of bread.Top one slice with veggies like shredded carrots and lettuce.(Flavored hummus add extra zing to these.Tofu is another topping choice)

Cadbury suggests trimming crusts and cutting sandwiches diagonally twice to create 4 triangles from each 2 slice sandwich.(Not all bread is in square slices so I just get as close to that size as I can)

This was shared with me as a host of the Cadbury High Tea Party.The information was provided by the sponsor.I was not compensated for this post in any way.

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