Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Cadbury Ice Cream High Tea Party

My daughter is a princess to the core.She loves to do girly things and dress in pretty clothes.You can imagine when I saw the opportunity to host a Cadbury Ice Cream High Tea Party,I just knew she would love it.

I received a fabulous party pack from my sponsors at Cadbury that included an adorable tea set and a variety of cute headband hats for the little ladies to wear.They loved looking like adults and having tea and treats.Some of the girls weren't used to headbands and didn't keep them on for long though.

I included a variety of juices for the girls to drink and made some finger food too.They enjoyed taking turns serving one another and acting like proper ladies.Being girls,they had to make time for a little nail painting too.

Of course, we also served the new Cadbury Ice Cream flavors we were sent to try.I think the favorite among everyone was the Double Chocolate followed by the Caramello.The Vanilla Chocolate and Chocolate Almond were great as well,so great in fact that we don't have any left.

While the children played,the adults took a little time to relax.We enjoyed the chance to talk and eat the delicious treats while the little ladies had tea.I think we all indulged a little too much,but it was well worth it.

Cadbury has always been a favorite in our house,and now with the new ice cream products,we love them even more.The treats taste delicious and the variety makes it easy to find something for everyone.I also liked the size of them.They are large enough to feel satisfied after,but not too big for little hands.You can easily serve these to the little ones without worrying over waste or that they won't be able to hold them.The chocolate outer shell keeps them from melting as fast as other products I have tried too.I would love to see Cadbury add even more flavors in the future.I suggest possibly a strawberry or peanut butter next..**hint hint**

*I enjoyed this party pack and want to say thanks to Cadbury and MomSelect for sponsoring this event.
**All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned items in order to host the party and write a fair and honest review.No other compensation was received and my opinions were not influenced by receiving sample items***

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