Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Are you Eating This Week?

I like to eat different things.I get so tired of the same old meals week in and week out-so I try hard to find new things to make.This week I am combining some newly discovered favorites with a few old staples depending on time.

Monday-Bacon and cheese stuffed burgers with mac and cheese. Fresh blueberries and cherries with whipped cream

Tuesday-.Beer and Cheese Brats with twice baked potatoes,baked beans and pudding.

Wednesday-Salmon and rice stuffed tortillas with onion rings.

Thursday-Pizza or take-out

Friday-Bacon wrapped chicken breast ,mashed potatoes,broc and cheese and deviled eggs.

Saturday-Grilled steak and hot dogs,pasta salad,corn,apples and caramel.

Sunday-Mini corn dogs,fries,and peanut butter banana pops.

My family is very picky about some things so I throw the fruit and veggies in there when I can.I usually do them on alternate meals..lunch some days,dinner others so they don't complain too much.My oldest lives for broccoli and cheese and corn,my middle one loves the fruit and my daughter eats like a bird no matter what I make.

So what are you eating? Do you have a favorite summer recipe?
Have A Great Day

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