Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Smash Review-Sox That Rock

My Reagan is a princess.I started this obsession when she was little and now it has grown to a lifestyle for her.Reagan loves anything that makes her beautiful, as she says.I have to put her :regular" clothes on a shelf in her room because she has so many dresses and dress-up outfits in her closet.

I wish I could say that is where it ends,but I would be lying.Reagan has more shoes then I do,purses hanging from every doorknob in her room,and a bin full of accessories in her closet.One of Reagans favorite things is footwear.We have socks in every color and style,tights,leg huggers and more.

Reagans favorite socks by far are from SoxThatRock.I won a gift certificate to the Etsy shop in a blog giveaway a few months ago.I ordered socks for  Reagan who is 4,my niece who is 5 and my step daughter who is 10.All three of the girls loved them.I was able to chose the styles and colors I wanted and each pair was custom made.

Sox That Rock offers more then just socks.Look at  these cute ruffled leggings that Reagan is now asking for

There is also a wide variety of hair accessories to chose from like these Hello Kitty clips

or this fabulous headband with flower accent

I loved the items we received.The order was processed fast (especially since they are hand made) and the items were exactly what I wanted. I have washed the socks many times and the beads have not fallen off.I also have the ribbon socks which have held together just as well.

Sox That Rock even has a Pay It Forward section where part of the purchase price is donated to charity.I think this is such a great thing to do and could make a wonderful gift if given with a card telling about the donations that were given from the items.This way they get an actual gift and the gift of giving as well.

I was not compensated for this review.I decided to add it to the summer Smash because they are such cute summer items.All opinions are my own and that of the girls.

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Lund7 said...

Thanks for your review of my Sox That Rock shop! That was so kind of you!! Have a wonderful summer.


Anonymous said...

Those Hello Kitty Clips are too cute my daughter would love them.