Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing Tree Toys Alex Friends Forever Friendship Bracelet Kit Review

Have you heard of Growing Tree Toys?
If you haven't,you are missing out on a great place to find toys for kids of all ages.

Growing Tree Toys offers a great selection of educational toys that are fun too!

We received the Alex Friendship Bracelet Kit to review.I was hesitant at first to even ask the boys to participate.I was expecting to get the usual,"that's a girl toy" response.I did ask though and was pleased that they were as excited as the girls to try this out.

The kit came in a cute colorful box that you use to hold all the included accessories.

I was surprised by how much was actually inside the box.There were 4 wheels that are used to create the designs on the bracelets.The pattern on the inside of the circles and squares is the pattern you will end up with.You can make amazing designs including hearts and flowers! The kit also holds a variety of colored beads to add extra flair to any creation.My youngest is a diva and she loved having these added to her bracelets.There was a ton of colored floss that is used for the string part of the bracelet,as well.This was very strong and did not break even when pulled tight. I loved the huge choice of colors you receive-even glittery silver and gold!

The kids had fun trying to match the design patterns.I think this is geared for a little older age.My daughter and youngest son had trouble understanding and following the instructions.

It really is pretty simple.Simply cut the desired color strings to match a pattern (or create your own).Tie a knot in one end and insert the strings in the coordinating slots.The directions are step by step and easy to follow.

We had a blast working with these and I am sure your family would emjoy them as well.

Growing Tree Toys has even more to offer.Check out these favorites I found

They even have baby stuff too like this play mat

I haven't even gotten through the entire site yet and I have alreadu found countless things the kids would like.In fact I am off now to shop for my daughter with her 5% birthday discount coupon I received via email for joining the club.

Need a great birthday gift? Shopping early for Christmas? For any future childhood need check out Growing Tree Toys for the perfect gift.

I was given the mentioned set to review for this post.I was not compemsated in any other way and the opinions are my own.
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