Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Costume Supercenter Review

I love dress up.I have owned a variety of costume clothing pretty much all my life.This is a love I have passed on to all of my children.Halloween is our favorite holiday and we spend hours finding each and every costume.Imagine my delight when I received the opportunity to do a review for Costume Supercenter!

Costume Supercenter has a huge variety of Halloween Costumes for everyone,so I knew it would take some time to chose just one.I let my boys look around first because I already have my daughters costume for this year.My little monsters love the horror look,so they spent quite awhile in the Boys Halloween Costumes pouring over the horror costumes,accessories and masks.There were many that they liked,but they were not quite ready to make a final decision.Some of the favorites were

While the boys were thinking it over,I stopped by the baby section and saw these

There are so many styles and choices!

My son finally chose this Crypt Master Child's Costume

The costume was very nicely made and better then expected.The chain and grommets are actual metal not just plastic attached to a sturdy vinyl type strip.The costume itself is one piece that easily slips over the child's head.I hate having tight necklines that will not fit without pulling and tugging and thankfully I did not have to mess with any of that.
Aiden liked that the mask and hood are separate pieces and not connected which allows them to be used alone or with other accessories.We also received black gloves that fit snugly but not tight and allowed easy use of hands.I left the gloves out of the pictures because Aiden wanted to play outside with his super cool axe.The axe is plastic to avoid injury and comes in 4 pieces that screw together.I like this design,which allows you to break it down for storage,yet is simple enough that the kids can assemble it alone.

Costume Supercenter has great everyday discounted prices-no waiting for sales.

I received this costume to assist in the review.The opinions are my own and that of my son.
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