Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Fun With Radio Flyer

I remember being a kid and going to see fireworks.There were so many people milling about that my mom put us in a little red wagon.My sister used her finger  to trace the words written on it in white-Radio Flyer.We used that little wagon until all of us outgrew it,and then we used it to play with our dolls and toys for another few years.

Radio Flyer has teamed up with Mom Select to bring you news of the Worlds Largest Wagon Mosaic.You and your family can be a part of this portrait of American tradition too.Simply find your favorite Radio Flyer photo, or take one now and go to Radio Flyer Art to add it to the mosaic.When you are finished you can scroll over the entire picture to find yours.I'm sure your children would love to find themselves and know they are forever part of this as well.

Help the Radio Flyer legacy live on for another 93 years by adding your photos today.

I was not compensated for the post.As a member of Mom Select I can enter to win a wagon as a thank you prize.

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