Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Your Man and Help Him Love Himself

Fathers Day is coming soon and it is time to start thinking of things to do for the special men in your life.Of course we all want to get them the perfect gift-how about the gift of a longer life and a healthy future.

New research has found that men are 31 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. In fact, men report making fewer routine health care appointments compared with women overall .

There are many quick and simple ways to get the message out. You can just open up and talk or you can find creative ways to get your point across.

Send this Fathers Day Card and take care of 2 things at once-the card and the message.

You can ask your husbands,sons,fathers,brothers cousins and even friends to Take This Health Quiz and see where they stand.

Sit down with them and visit  HERE which provides recommended ages for preventive medical tests, the  health care quiz designed to test knowledge of preventive health care, tips for talking with doctors, a glossary of consumer health terms, and links to online resources to find more medical information.You don't even have to be there-send it in an email,text it ,even pick up the phone.Any and every way we can make more people aware is a plus.

We all go day to day and most of us don't think about health on a daily basis.We may be too busy,occupied,or just believe it won't happen to us.We live life like we are invincible and sometimes it takes losing someone you care about to realize we are not.Don't wait until it's too late-
                                                        TAKE ACTION NOW

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