Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stay Charged Wherever You Are

My husband is a truck driver and is always on the road. He basically comes home to sleep, and then he is gone again. Being back and forth like that, plus being in areas where there may not be many people, if you need help, having a phone that is charged and ready to go is an absolute necessity. 

We carry some of the newest and most advanced phones available, but that doesn't mean a thing if it isn't charged. No matter how nice the phone is, if the battery is dead, it will not work. In order to maintain a fully charged phone at all times, we need quality chargers on hand.

The Lifeguard car charger I was sent to review is available in both black and white. It features two USB ports, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time. Simply plug your phone, tablet, laptop and more into the slots and you are good to go. The charger itself slides easily into the power port in your vehicle, for safe and simple charging in just seconds.  

I love that these are so versatile too. They work with iPhone,iPad, Samsung, HTC, MP3 players, digital cameras, tablets and anything else that charges via USB. How awesome is that! 

*I received a sample item for review purposes. All opinions are my own from personal experience.

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