Monday, May 18, 2015

I Love the AURA V1 Bluetooth Wireless Dual Speaker System!!

When I am in the mood, I can sit and listen to music for hours. I love to slip away into work, reading, yoga and more with some of my favorite songs playing in the background. Music helps me relax all on it's own, but let me tell you a way that it becomes even more relaxing.

Turn the lights down, the music up, and let the fun begin with the Aura V1 Bluetooth Speaker System. These awesome little speakers add a whole new level to relaxing with music. They feature water and lights inside that dance and pulse to the beat. The more bass you have, or the louder you turn the music, the more reaction you will get from these. 

The Bluetooth speakers come with the water already inside. These are not filled to the top with water. The water comes up in spouts as the music plays for a fun water show. The lights combined with the water jets make an entrancing visual that I can just sit and watch, so much so that I lost track of time more than once. 

The speakers have to connect to one another via an included cable. Without doing this, only one of them will work, so you wouldn't be able to have them far apart. Personally I think they look best together anyway and they work great on a desk, headboard or dresser. 

I was able to connect these to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an HTC One M8 via bluetooth in about 30 seconds. They also worked connected to my Windows 8 computer with the included cable. 

These would be perfect for a kids room, dorm, office, computer desk, kitchen counter and more. I imagine they would be entertaining for baby too, with soft music or at bedtime. They make excellent gifts for any tech fan, music lover or anyone who likes to relax and enjoy the show. 

*I received a sample item for review purposes. All opinions are my own from personal experiences. 

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