Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Super Power Valentine's Day

My husband is the most amazing man. Like many people, I don't always realize what he means to me. Yes, I know I love him, but sometimes I will see him doing the most simple thing, like making a phone call or changing a light bulb, and fall in love with him all over again. If I had unlimited powers for Valentine's Day this year, I would show him how much I want to give him everything he desires.

I would start early in the morning by using my powers of persuasion to get him on a hot air balloon ride. He is afraid of heights, so it would take special powers! While floating over the mountains, because that is what he would like, I would tell him all the things every great man should hear. I would remind him of his quirks that I love and let him know how very much he means to me every day.

After the ride, I would use my powers to snap us, "I Dream of Genie" style, to a hunting and sports shop where I twitch my nose to give me a nice unlimited cash supply that I would use to buy him lots of new toys to play on the shooting range. Once he finished shopping and tearing up the targets, we would return home to put away his toys and show him his new truck and motorcycle, I mean, why not, I have unlimited powers here!

We would zip to Paris and enjoy a nice long brunch together, followed by a romantic boat ride along the amazing canals of Venice before zapping to a private little cove in beautiful Tuscany, where we could make love at the base of the natural falls. We have talked about it, but never actually done it before, so I know he would love it. I would undress in the water and give him a show, before enjoying the full pleasures of knowing your partner. No powers needed for this part.

Next, I would create the most amazing concert with all his favorite artists and all his friends, with unlimited food and drinks, dancing and fun for everyone. After enjoying the party, we would part ways with them so we could enjoy more time alone. We would take a night tour to see The Northern Lights, while enjoying dinner. The tour would end with us creating our own magic below while the lights swirled brightly above.

My husband is a simple man for the most part. He would be happy with anything I did for him, and never really asks for much. This would be my way of trying to fit as many fun times and trips as we could into that one amazing day. I would want him to have the material items he likes, hence the new toys and vehicles, but I would also want to have those moments that touch the heart and rest in the soul. I would want it to be a day we both treasured forever, as much for the time and company of one another, as for where we were or what we did.

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