Sunday, January 18, 2015

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Packs Review

I remember eating stove popped corn as a kid and it was always delicious. As I got older, time and convenience led me to using the microwave kind instead, and honestly, I stopped eating it for the most part. I would buy it for the kids sometimes, but never ate any myself.

 When we got the package of Franklin's popcorn bags, I was impressed right away with the portion packs. I love how much corn is in each one, and that everything you need is right there in the packet. You don't have to add anything to this at all, just put it all in the pan, cover and cook, It takes only minutes to make and the kids love watching it pop too.

The best part of making fresh popped corn is the taste. The rich, buttery flavor makes it well worth the time to cook this, especially since there is no measuring or scooping, just cut open and cook. Each of these packages make a TON of popcorn. As it popped, I transferred some to a bowl just to make room for the rest to finish, I learned to use a bigger pan the next time! One package made enough for 7 kids and there was still some left over.

If you like variety, this works well with toppings too. The kids used honey, cinnamon and sugar sprinkles, hot sauce, cheese and even caramel sauce and they all tasted great!! The popcorn held up well to them all and didn't dissolve like the microwave kind often does.

Alone or with additions, this is a delicious snack!!

*I received a box of packets for review purposes. The opinions and photos are from my experiences with the product. I shared packets with friends and family over the holidays and everyone thought it was great too. I have had several people ask me where to get more!

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