Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Made A Gingerbread Village

The past few years, my children and I have been making some type of gingerbread creation for Christmas. This year they decided to do the village set because there are 5 of us and 5 buildings in the set. 

The kids each selected the building they wanted and began to make their creations. It was a little slow getting started. We were using royal type icing from the kit and it takes a few minutes to set. Eventually it worked though and they were able to start adding decorations. 

They had a blast getting everything just as they wanted it and posing for pictures with their creations.

Once everyone had finished and the photos were done, the kids rushed to devour their individual building. 

They had as much fun eating them as they did making them, so it was a win/win for everyone!

What are you doing this week before Christmas?

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