Thursday, December 19, 2013

Raise Social Awareness with Causora

When disaster strikes, we all hope someone will be there to help. Something so unexpected can take everything from a family in just moments, leaving them searching for the basic things they need to survive. Suddenly even the smallest of things can be a major hurdle, and every little bit can make a huge difference.

To make fundraising even more rewarding, Causora has developed a system that allows you to give and get at the same time. When you make a donation to one of their amazing charities, you get $20 in thank you rewards for every $20 donated. The causes include favorites like Habitat for Humanity, Aids research, the American red Cross and many more, with rewards from places like Novica, Zipcar, Milk and Honey and more. Then you can take your rewards and grab something for yourself or to give as a gift. It;s a win-win for everyone!

You can start your own fundraiser, join in one that you are already aware of, or browse for a great cause to support. They track donations, so you can see when a goal has been reached too! If you want to donate to the cause of the month, which is Red cross Typhoon relief, or any other cause, visit Causora and gain while you give!

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