Friday, December 13, 2013

Experience Hello Santa with Your Child Today

With Christmas fast approaching, this is a great time to enjoy the small things with your children. The holidays are the perfect time for creating new memories that will last a lifetime. The remaining days will be over much too soon and it will be back to business as usual. Take the time to treasure these moments while you can.

A great new way to enjoy the wonder on a young child's face is by using Hello Santa. This new service will be live all through the holiday season, so you still have plenty of time to take advantage of this fun activity with your little ones. Using this unique service, people all around the world will be able to have real time video calls with Santa from their iOS devices or webcams. The app needs iOS 6.1 or later to run, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Created by Make Believe Labs, this is such a fun way to let your children experience talking with Santa. When making the video call, they will be able to see that they are speaking with Santa himself, and not someone pretending to be him on the phone. Seeing his smiling face while hearing him chat with them is something you just can't replace. You can even do one with each child for an individual special treat.

To make this even more perfect, you have the option to schedule a call for a specific time, or simply tap the "Call Santa Now" button to start a live video call with Santa instantly. It would be perfect for Christmas Eve too. Just have them make their call and then head off to bed to await his arrival for morning. When the call is complete, you can share it with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS so everyone can see how adorable your little one is chatting with Santa.

Hello Santa is great for the kid who is starting to doubt that Santa is real too. After talking to him while they see his face and reactions, they will have a hard time not believing he is really out there waiting to bring them gifts. Why not let them hold onto those childhood dreams a little while longer, especially when it is this convenient and easy to do.

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