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The Beginer's Bible App for iPad

The Beginner's Bible App For iPad 
Endorsed by Craig Groeschel, Pastor of
Grand Rapids, Mich, September 13, 2012: Zonderkidz has announced the release of The Beginner's Bible App for iPad, which has already garnered praise from critics including Craig Groeschel, pastor of ( and author of The Christian Atheist. The app is based on The Beginner's Bible, the bestselling storybook Bible of all time, having sold over 6 million copies since its release in 1989. Complete with stories, coloring pages, games, and audio, children six and under can enjoy their favorite Bible stories all by themselves.

"I was blown away by The Beginner's Bible App," commented Groeschel. "As a parent and a pastor, I am constantly looking for ways to engage children with the Word. This app provides a fun way for kids to interact with the Bible using technology that they can relate to."

The Beginner's Bible App was designed for young children to easily use themselves but will also be a valuable resource for parents wanting to participate as well. The illustrations have interactive elements that a child can manipulate using the touch screen.

"We are excited to offer this app that creates a fun way for kids to learn about the Bible," said Annette Bourland, Senior Vice President Zondervan Group Book Publisher. "The Beginner's Bible is widely seen as the first Bible a child receives. In a digital world, it is a priority for Zonderkidz to offer a Bible geared for the youngest readers."

"My children and I enjoyed reading the stories in The Beginner's Bible App. They already knew what was coming in each story, but they loved reading it anyways and playing with the illustrations that accompany each story," said Lori Cunningham, founder of "The Beginner's Bible app makes these favorite childhood stories come alive in a new way for kids."

The Beginner's Bible App is available free of charge. The complimentary download includes six interactive Bible stories, coloring pages, puzzles, and a game. Additional story packs will be available for $1.99 and will include six new stories, coloring pages, puzzles, and a new game based on one of the stories. All story packs will be released over the next three to five months. At that time the complete storybook Bible will be available to consumers.

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