Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Stylish Creativity for Kids Craft Party

I love Creativity for Kids products.I had tried a few of the kits prior to this party,and was thrilled with the results.They have such a wide variety of fun crafts and kits for boys and girls of all ages,that you can always find one to fit your need.

The amazing party pack I was sent was one of the biggest I have received since being a blogger.We had several large kits to make during the party and even some different items and small kits to send home with each guest! Every kit comes with a booklet of ideas,designs and instructions to help you get started.I suggest skimming through this just in case there is something that needs to be done ahead or an item you may not have on hand or may want to add.We decided to let the girls do their crafts however they wanted and help them if they needed it.

My favorite kit was the Deluxe Glitter Art.This kit included items to make trinket boxes,note cards and gift tags(or ornaments).The kit had everything we needed to complete each craft and was simple and easy to use.I loved that it came with glitter and glitter glue as well as stick on gems for decorating.Of course,you can use your own items like beads or stickers too,but we had plenty in the kit with extras left over.

My daughter loved the Fashion Bracelets kit the most.This included large and small bracelets as well as ribbons,beads and more to decorate them with.My favorite part of this kit is the easy to use sticker tape for decorating.The two sided tape simply stuck to the bracelets and then we peeled off the backing to adhere the beads or ribbon to it.This made assembling much more simple than trying to use glue on them.I do wish it had included more of the tape because we ran out,but that may have been due to so many hands using it at once that some of it may have been wasted.

I think the overall favorite of the kits was the Pop Art Necklaces.This kit had everything we needed to make a ton of super cute bottle cap necklaces with both provided and color your own images to use on them.The guests selected a color cap,beads and string,then added a sticker design to the cap.Next they covered the sticker with the provided clear covers to keep it from peeling off.They then strung the beads and caps onto  the necklace strings and tied them.Each necklace takes only a few minutes to make and the colors can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks.

The Fashion Headbands kit was a hit as well.This came with all the items needed to create fun and stylish headbands that the girls could wear to school.The kit included feathers,beads,ribbon,charms and more to allow freedom in the designs.

Each guests selected a colored headband and then the items they wanted to add to it.The provided craft glue was used to hold the items in place to complete the look.One thing I noticed with this kit was the messiness of the glue.I suggest an adult do the actual applying of the glue because it takes such a small amount for it to work.We had a slight mess from over excited girls using too much,but it wipes off easily,so that was cleaned up in seconds and we continued with the crafts.

 We also had a fun purse kit that we made and then the guests used their purses to carry their crafted items home.The cute little totes came complete with a matching change purse that could be decorated too.Each set had 5 sheets of different colored stickers that could be used to decorate the purses.These were super easy to use and let the guests make a bag that suited their style.The stickers were really durable and thick,so no worries about ripping the stickers or them peeling off easily.

When the party was over,each guests received a Fun with Fashion coloring and activity book and an E-Z Spray Tie Dye Bandana kit to take home.We also tried one of the Tie Dye kits and my daughter loved being able to make her own bandana and even had so much extra dye,she was able to do a shirt,sheet and pillowcase with it too.
In the end,a Creativity for Kids Craft Party can't be beat.The kids all enjoyed making things their way and talked about being able to show them off on the first day of school.They loved the amount of items included in the kits and they used some of the suggestions and photos on the boxes for ideas too. I have had a few moms at the bus stop ask me where one of the kids got this bracelet or that necklace because their daughter wants one and even had a few calls asking where to buy these products from friends or family of the guests who attended.

If you are looking for a fun party idea, group activity or just some cute crafts to do at home,I highly recommend looking to Creativity for Kids!

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the party kit from my fabulous sponsors at Creativity for Kids and Mom Select in order to host this craft party.No other compensation was received.

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