Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back To School in New Heelys Styles

My boys have been obsessed with Heelys for as long as I can remember.I even considered trying them myself,but with my foot issues,I haven't been able to yet.Recently,I was offered a pair from the new Heelys  line for my oldest to try.He selected the Inferno style and was excited for them to arrive so he could test his skills.

When the Heelys arrived, he was thrilled to see they featured the same one-wheeled style as the original Heelys.The ones we received were a grey synthetic nubuck material,making them soft and suede-like,and they were highlighted in a bright lime green and white.(These also come in a red/black combo,which we had asked for,however it must not have been available so we received these instead).He was a little disappointed about the colors,but decided to give them a go anyway.

With any Heelys,the first step is to remove the plugs and insert the wheels.This is easily done with the supplied tool and takes just seconds to complete.Once the wheels are inserted,it is time to get rolling.

I would love to be able to show you videos of my son wheeling about on his Heelys,but that is just not a fact.Although he tried over and over to get the hang of them,he just couldn't make them go like he wanted.I think part of that was just his fear of falling,so I encouraged him to keep trying.In the end he was able to stand,walk and roll in them,although not well enough that he felt comfortable taking videos of them in use.Even though he cannot skate like a pro in them,he loves the fit and style and wears them to school every day.I was concerned that he may get into trouble for wearing them to school,but all he has to do is remove the wheels,pop in the plugs and go.This is great for playing at the park,going for walks or hanging with friends.He is able to go from wheels to plugs and back with ease,making Heelys the perfect on the go shoes.
Heelys introduced three new lines for the fall and winter including a sport style,the low profile skate style and the Lifestyles version which are designed especially for girls/women.I personally love the idea of the women's line because Heelys has never had a style just for the females before.They also have styles that feature 2 wheels for a whole different skate experience.
I love the new styles and have already looked into grabbing a few pairs as Christmas gifts this year.I am also trying to decide which of the new female line I want to try for myself.

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Megan Broutian said...

My daughter got one from grandma at Xmas last year. She wants to wear them everywhere. Sadly, her school has a policy against them, so it's mostly a special treat kind of usage that she gets out of them.

amanda hardesty said...

So far the kids haven't been told not to wear them,but they don't have the wheels in while at school,so that may be why.