Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All About Me- Favorite Music

I love to listen to music.The first thing I do when I get in the car is turn it to my playlist.I like a variety of music from a crazy mix of artists but my all-time favorite will forever be-The Beatles.I started my babies on them in utero and now they all love music too.Every one of them have an MP3 player full of their favorite artists and songs which rotate when they get bored with them...and when they can talk mom into deleting them and adding more.

In random order and keeping in mind that I do not like every song from every artist.
NIN,JOJ,The Cure,The Misfis,Cold,
Staind,Biohazard,Nirvana,Marilyn Manson,
Coal Chamber,Tool,A Perfect Circle,
Garth Brooks,Martina Mcbride,Mozart,
Beethoven,Green Day,The Vibrators,
The Dwarfs,The Doors,Ozzy,Hinder,Hole,
I can't forget Sid and Johnny,3 Days Grace,
Daughtry,David Bowie,Disturbed,Dope,
Evans Blue,Flaw,Flyleaf and many more.

Are you like me and have a mix of music or do you stick to mostly one type or another? Do you have a favorite song? I don't have 1 favorite song,maybe like a top 50.

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