Monday, March 7, 2011

Where do you find your news?

I am not a big fan of watching the news.I like to be able to select the things I want to know about from those that I don't.I hate having to sit through 40 minutes of a news broadcast just for the 5 minute clip I wanted to see.For this reason I use Yahoo for my news.

I am sure plenty of you have other ways of obtaining your news fix whether from newspaper,radio,podcast or another website. I use Yahoo for my home page so  whenever I open my browser, I see the top headlines.If it is something I want to know more about, a simple click takes me there.I can read what I want and sign in to my email all in one spot.

Where do you get your news fix? Are you like me and read the headlines first? Do you watch at least 1 if not all the news programs on television? Are you like the husband and listen to it on the way to work and the way  home, and then watch it too?

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Yona said...

I get my local, national, and worldwide news from Yahoo.