Friday, December 5, 2014

My Schwan's Experience

I just had a blast ordering my recent items from Schwan's home delivery service. I was given a $25 gift card so I could browse the site, find something delicious to order and try out the process. Let me tell you, I am thrilled. I found so many great items I wanted to try, but I kept my cool and just got a few of them.

 I had ordered from Schwan's before but it was years ago so I was excited to see if they still had any of my favorites, and to see what else had been added since then. There are so many choices, I can literally browse for an hour before deciding what I want to get. There are categories covering everything from fruits and vegetables to desserts making it easy to find what you want.

My favorite thing to eat is pizza, so I decided to order some of their Special Recipe pizzas. I ordered supreme, four cheese and Mexican style, so we could try three different varieties. I loved these pizzas. The cheese flavor was much better than some of the other frozen types I have tried.

They were big enough that I could pop one in the oven to make lunch for the kids, or share one with my husband while watching a movie together. They didn't have too much sauce and the toppings did not taste artificial like some others do. For only $4.99 each, I thought they were a great deal!

I wanted something for a weekend breakfast and found the Sausage Breakfast Skillet. This bland of potatoes, pork sausage and roasted veggies just needed some eggs friend into it for a yummy breakfast meal. I served this with hot cinnamon buns and it was delicious. The kids loved it so much, there wasn't a bite left after breakfast.

My favorite thing of all was the amazing ice cream. I grabbed a container of Sea Salt Caramel and Cashew ice cream and Passion Punch sherbet. Both were creamy and full of flavor. I liked the sweet, yet salty taste of the caramel and cashews, but I was in love with the Passion Punch. The fruity taste was great and I couldn't stop going back for more.

I really enjoyed my experience with the Schwan's service. I loved the food, the ease of ordering and the fact that I could chose to order and pay right away or pay when it was delivered. The food comes right to my door every other week and they sometimes offer specials at that time too for even more savings. In fact, I liked everything so much, I have ordered two more times since then!

*I was provided the gift code for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Karin said...

That pizza looks delicious. MMMMmmm!