Thursday, December 18, 2014

Liberty Belle Nightgown for American Girl Dolls Review

My daughter loves American Girl items. She received the Caroline doll for her birthday and now she is always looking for new things for her. I love that she really seems to enjoy the dolls and try to find her fun new stuff to add to her collection.

One thing she did not have was night clothes for Caroline. I mentioned it to her one day and she said since I am the grandmother, I need to buy it for her. I knew then that it was something she wanted, so I took the opportunity to try the Liberty Bell Nightgown for review.

The first thing I noticed about this American Girl nightgown was how bright the blue color was. It stood out an caught my attention before I even noticed the cute bunny designs and patterns on it. This is a great length for a doll gown. It has long sleeves, making it perfect for winter wear and is easy to put on too. There is a long velcro closure in the back to eliminate fuss, and make it easy for them to dress their doll. It even comes with a pretty blue ribbon for her hair!

The nightgown felt a little stiff to me when it arrived but I always wash new clothing items before using them, so I did the same with this. Once it had been washed and dried, it felt nice and soft and ready for bed. This is so cute and I love the ruffled edges. It is perfect for putting your favorite doll to sleep.

The nightgown is even stain resistant and made from child safe materials so you have less worry about danger or spills!

*I received a gown for review purposes. All opinions are my own from personal experience.

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