Friday, September 6, 2013

Weird Neighborhood Brat Told My Daughter She Killed a Cat for Fun!

I thought I was going to smack a child yesterday. I say this feeling half angry and half sad, both at myself and at her parents. It was not even my own child and yet I wanted to throttle her for what she did. *I should start by saying the day before my kids had found a kitten at the school bus stop and it had followed them home.*

It was around 6 in the evening, and I was standing at my kitchen bar cutting pork loin for dinner. I heard a knock on the door and looked to see it is one of the children who live on the street behind us. I tell my daughter that the girl is there and she goes to answer the door. The next thing I hear is my 7 year old daughter screaming like the world had ended. I head to the porch, but before I can even get out of the kitchen, she is running through the hall yelling something incoherent to her brothers. Within seconds, before I have even understood what she just said, all three of them run back out the door and through the back yard to the street behind us, where the little girl lives.

I head after them and meet them coming back through the yard. Apparently, when the girl knocked on the door, she told my daughter that her sister had cut the cats tail off because it scratched her. Then she said they had gutted the cat and cut it's head and tail off and threw it in the trash.

By this time my daughter is losing it. She couldn't breathe, she was freaking out and there were tears streaming down her face. It took forever to get her to calm down and even tell me what the hell had happened. When I finally put it all together, I was livid. Are you kidding me? This little brat knocked on my door just to torment my daughter about a kitten, and one that the girl knew my daughter wanted to keep. Seriously?

A few minutes later, one of the girls knocked on the door again and my son answered and told her to leave. She left but returned minutes later and just walked in my living room door. I saw her and told her to get out and not to come back. I said I was going to call the police if I found out they had really killed that kitten. She said she had the cat and wanted to show my daughter it was ok. The boys followed her to check, but it was a different cat.

We thought she had finally left and went back to normal, or as normal as can be after that. My youngest son was playing games on the phone and as he walked by the window ( I had turned off the central air and opened the windows for the day) the girl reached through my window and tried  to grab the phone out of his hand. I don't know if she thought he was calling the police or if she was just doing doesn't really matter what the reason. This girl was standing on my porch, watching through the curtains and reached into my home trying to grab something from my child.

I tried to contact the development manager who takes care of neighborhood issues, but couldn't reach anyone so I decided to wait until morning and talk to the mother at the bus stop. I knew there was no way those girls had done that to the cat without being covered in scratches, so I figured it was just a story but it was still totally uncalled for. More soon.....

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