Sunday, September 15, 2013

Make A Plate for Every Occasion with MakIt

The holidays are approaching and I have begun to make lists and start shopping. Every year there is always someone on my list who has everything they need and has no idea what they want. That is always the hardest person for me to buy for because i just don't know what they would like to receive.

This year, thanks to MakIt plates, I have an idea in mind. MakIt allows you to create your own, one-of-a-kind drawing and have it turned into a usable plate masterpiece for anyone you like. Each 10" plate is made of durable melamine for a long lasting treasure. They are non toxic and dishwasher safe, but not for use in the microwave. You get 25 sheets of paper per kit, so there is plenty of room for mind changing or making mistakes. If the design is not exactly what is wanted, simply start over on a new sheet until you get your perfect picture. 

My kids loved being able to turn their own artwork into something they can keep forever. They all sat down to work on their pictures as soon as the kit arrived using the included paper and markers. It is suggested that you use the markers to prevent something that will rum, smudge or just show up clearly. The only complaint they had was that they wanted more colors to use. they probably could have used other markers but since we were doing this for a review, I wanted them to be done as directed. Once they had finished their drawings, we put them in the return envelope and sent them off to be finished. 

The finished products arrived just a couple of weeks after being sent in. I was excited to see how they turned out, but not nearly as excited as the kids were. The plates all turned out exactly as they had imagined and they all rushed to find the perfect place to display them in their rooms.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, or just something fun to do, MakIt could be the answer. Not only is it a lasting craft,  but something that anyone can do, regardless of age or skill. It is a personal creation, so you really can't get it wrong. 
              MakIt also offers Disney items, bowl, tumblers and more for the perfect gift.

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