Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help Your Student Succeed with PowerMyLearning

I am tough on my kids when it comes to school. I expect them to do their best and I will take no less from them. because I want them to go far in life, and having an education is the first step in that goal. I feel that is it just as much my responsibility to educate them as it is the teachers at school, and I encourage them to do more than just the basic school work.

Sometimes, it can be trying to go over and over the same problem or subject. When that happens, kids can become frustrated and bored. To prevent this, I look for tools and programs that allow them to learn in a new way. This breaks up boredom and still gets the wanted lesson across.

Recently, I had a chance to try an educational site called PowerMyLearning. Focusing on both education and fun, PowerMyLearning offers a variety of games and activities covering subjects kids are taught in school. Students can watch videos, explore lessons, create charts and graphs, play games and more, all while enforcing current school lessons, or preparing  for future ones.

There are selections for grades K-12, letting students learn at their own pace and challenge themselves to move ahead when they feel comfortable. Courses include Math, Science, Art, Technology and more and are divided into sub-categories for easy access and selection. Once on a selected category page, simply hover the mouse over each icon to see grade, type and other details. There are over 3000 activities on the site, allowing a wide coverage of topics and methods.

One of our favorites was Monster School Bus. This math game features monster characters that are school bus drivers. Players must pick up all the students and get them to school, but they can only take 10 at a time and they can't split up the groups. They get stars for getting full loads and for fewer trips. It teaches hand eye coordination by using the arrow keys to control the bus as well as math and reasoning skills.

I like that the site is broken down so well. It eliminates confusion for younger students while opening options for older ones to try new things. Using Common Core lessons enforces what they are already learning and offers help to those who may be struggling or falling behind.

PowerMyLearning offers accounts for parents, students and educators and allows you to connect your childrens' accounts to your own for easy access and is FREE for everyone to use! Sign up for your own account and let the learning begin.

*This is a sponsored post and I will receive compensation for writing about the site. I was not required to give a positive review. I did join and use the services and plan to do so in the future because my children enjoy it and I see a benefit. All opinions are my own.

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