Thursday, January 19, 2012

The things they teach our kids at school...

My oldest son is 10.Right before Christmas break,he came home with a paper for me to sign so he could watch the sex education video at school.Now,anyone who knows me knows I am a little overprotective with my kids.I was a little unsure if I wanted him to watch this or not,but then I remembered the kids when I was in school doing the same thing.What I remembered most was the boys being grossed out by the whole period thing and the girls being scared to death of getting pregnant.

Going by my previous experience,I signed the note so he could participate...epic fail on my part.I was expecting him to come home saying how he never wants to see that again and how gross it was and so on.When he came on the door that day,you can imagine how disturbed I was when he began to tell me all about his video.The class began with them coming up with all the names that people call a mans genitals.I have no problem with the word penis,my boys know what it is and what it does and that has never been an issue.I do,however,have a problem with my 10 year old son telling me some of the other names mentioned,like balls,d*ck,boner and many more words I don't believe he even knew existed until that day.I was none too happy to hear they had this as a discussion topic and it went on for a few minutes with them all laughing and carrying on about the words they heard.

Needless to say that was enough for me,but it wasn't over yet.He then proceeded to tell me how he had learned about boners and wet dreams! Now I am not going to say that the issue of an erection has never come up before.I have 2 healthy boys and I am not stupid enough to believe that they haven't started to explore that area and what happens there.I am a firm believer in telling them to keep it private,but I refuse to make them believe it is dirty or wrong to explore themselves.However,I did not want the issue of a wet dream to be brought up to my 10 year old child.We were not informed about what would be in the movie,and had I been he would not have watched it.I have to accept part of the responsibility for being too trusting with the school,but trust me that will NOT happen again.My youngest will not be watching this video next year,because he skipped a grade he would be only 9 when he saw it.There is just no way that is going to happen.

Have your kids viewed this movie yet? Do you plan to let them? Just as a suggestion,maybe check with the school and see what exactly your child will be viewing before you make your decision!


Shaky Mommy said...

In my mind, that's not "sex education." Wow. That's insane. I would be livid if I were you. My daughter is 9 and she would not have any idea about any of that....and I'd be furious if she was exposed to it, especially since she would likely share everything she learned with her 7 year old sister and brother!

The sad part about this is that even if you had signed to keep your child from watching it, if every other kid in the class had watched it, he would have probably still heard many of the terms and found out about the wet dreams from his friends. It's almost like they know there's no way for you to truly protect your kids from hearing this information at too young of an age.

We just started homeschooling last year, not for any moral reasons or because we were unhappy with our school district, but because my son needed extra help the school couldn't provide and my daughters wanted to homeschool because he is homeschooling. When I read things like this, I'm so glad our kids aren't in school so we don't have to discuss topics like this until they are a little older!

Hollowsins said...

I agree.I homeschooled mine until last year when they begged to get to go to school with other kids.My daughter does K12 internet school and I am probably just going to keep her home after all the public school trouble.

HannahAchrissmile said...

completely inappropriate subject for a school to be teaching children! Let alone education should be from a purely scientific point of view, and this vulgarity of talking about male sexual parts with children????
That is truly vulgar and I wonder what happened to the concept that children are to be protected, innocent.

momto8 said...

yep.. I hear you! My husband and I preview all the videos before the kids watch them (the schools are GREAT about this) and then we talk about the miseducation ahead of time.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.