Sunday, January 15, 2012

Staying Warm With Stoner Couture

I hate winter.I hate rain and ice,I don't want a white Christmas,I don't like the cold.When I am forced to have to go out in it,I still want to look good and be comfortable.I have the worst time finding something I like,at a price I can afford and in a color I want that fits my "style".

This year I got a little help with this from Stoner Couture.I actually found this company through another blog and contacted them about a review.I was excited when they agreed because I really wanted to get this ..

The Ladies Long Sleeve Sophia Sweater Wrap is so soft and comfortable.The length is perfect for wearing with a cami or tee and the poly cotton blend moves with you instead of bunching or clinging.This looks amazing with black slacks,a light grey cami and a cute pair of boots,or thrown over a short dress with a sharp set of heels.

Even though I really wanted this wrap,because I contacted them for a review,I didn't want to be too pushy.When my new favorite blog sponsor asked me what I wanted,I told him a few of my choice pieces,but told him to send me whatever he wanted and I would be happy.Now came the hard part..waiting on my surprise box!

When this package arrived,I was amazed at everything he sent me.The box contained,not only my favorite wrap,but a selection of other items to keep me warm this winter too,like the black zippered hoodie with an orange leaf logo on the back.I am not normally a person who chooses orange,but it works against the black.I am a fan of hoodies for the ease,comfort and variety,but this has to be the softest one I have ever had.I asked for a larger size,because, as a large chested woman,I always have issues with my tops fitting everywhere else but pulling or stretching at the bust.I didn't need to worry though.Their sizes are generous and even though I asked for a larger size then I actually ended up needing,I have still worn it tons of times,it is so comfortable!! I throw it on to run to the store,grab the mail,get the kids to and from school,clean the car and more.I can slide up the sleeves if needed and toss my wallet,keys and phone in the pockets for hands free needs.

I was sent a Stoner Beanie in black that my husband snagged right out of the box.He loved the fit and warmth of the beanie and uses it every night for work.He has even had to turn down offers to buy it from a few of the guys he works with.

I was sent 2 of the flexfit hats in the greatest combo of bright green on black and an SC Logo Hoodie that my brother n law begged me for.He is a big guy,so I wanted to see how it held up to him.The hoodie was a 2X and fit perfectly.He didn't care for the white color because he was afraid of getting it dirty,but he has been sporting it often anyway according to my sister.

I have had no tears,fading,frays or other issues even after multiple washes,and the softness hasn't changed a bit in any of the items.The zippers are nice,not a cheap plastic thing and the stitching is perfect.I have no complaints and have not heard any from anyone I shared the review items with.The deilvery was fast,the items come nicely packaged and browsing the site is a snap.You can find a variety of other items from Stoner Couture,including their private label, body care and nutrition selections too.

**All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I receive the mentioned sample items in order to write a fair and honest review.NO other form of compensation was received.***

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