Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Week On The View

So if you have been keeping tabs on the show,you know the star of Castle ,Nathan Fallion was on Monday.I don't know about you,but I think its is funny he plays an author and the show sounds like something right out of a book.The Women also talked about Naomi Campbell and her violent tendancies..I doubt she will be a cell phone spokeswoman anytime you see the clip from Sarah Palin..there is something about her that makes my skin crawl.She did do a pretty good job at comedy though so at least she does have something going for her.

OF COURSE Tuesday on The View brought out all the Twilight fans to see Robert Pattinson talk about his new movie-Remember Me.I myself am not a twilight fan so I was not really into this .I did watch the show while doing freestyle on my  Wii Fit Plus.I just do not get it, I love me some vampires but he just does not do it for me..maybe I am getting old after all.American Idol was another Hot Topic with the departure of Simon Cowell being addressed.What do you think will happen to Idol when he leaves? Will it get better or worse?And what about Monique and her "Open Marriage" theory..does that sound good or bad to you ? I believe in to each their own, but if my husband told me he had slept with someone else, I would ask him if he booked  a hotel because he wouldn't be staying home with me.You can go  The View to see the entire show.

Wednesday brought one of my favorite actresses-Lisa Kudrow.I have been a fan since her Friends days ..I cannot help it, I think she is hilarious. I remember Pheobe being this loopy airhead and when you see her on something else, it is not hard to believe she played that role so well.She is just so open and me!Watch the great conversation about the show-Who Do You Think You Are which delves into the past of some very famous people (Emmit Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker are 2 of them).The show traces their family history and incovers some very personal information.I know I will be tuning in for the premier Friday night.

Be sure to watch in the morning for ViewTube behind the scenes with some great guests and the hosts too.You will see lots of hilarious clips showing what really goes on backstage..I have to admit I kind of want to go hang out backstage.

Friday brings a close to a fabulous week with Wesley Snipes and Don Cheadle.Also Oscar fashions from the past and Barbaras' last Oscar Special.

I think this is a great week on The view and I am so thrilled to be bringing you this information as part of the View Brand Ambassadors. I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.Thanks Mom Central!

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