Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper Review

Have you seen the new Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper yet? I was given the opportunity to review this wonderful baby item thanks to Mom Select.I started using this right away.For those of you that do not know my nephew Kaiden is with me often and will be living with me soon and I have a new week old neice too..Harley.I am sure this Sleeper will be getting lots of use in my house.

I was thrilled at the chance to try this because this is the type of thing I wish I had with my boys when they were babies.The Sleeper is so convenient and easy to use.It took only a few minutes to get this set  up and be using it.

The first thing I loved was the color choice.The Rock N Play Sleeper color scheme is designed to fit both girls and boys .Yes this means no worries over color if you don't know which you are buying for -or if they get it wrong like they did with my first son.The cute yellow and green with just a bit of color accents makes this work for anyone.

The next thing I noticed was  the handy pocket for tiny toy storage.You could use it to hold a favorite little rubby or a place to slip the pacifier too.

My favorite thing is that the baby does not have to be lying flat.My kids hated being laid on thier backs still awake when they were tired or fussy.We put Kaiden in this and he loved the position he was in.I was able to move it around easily too.The Rock N Play is light and so easy to carry when folded, which is super nice when trying to clean house or do laundry and you are moving from room to room.This is also great for short visits so there is always a place to lay the baby with no set up needed.

The Rock N play Sleeper works just as the name describes.Your new baby can lay in it during the day,can play with rattles or baby toys and then can safely be rocked to sleep ..all in one great invention!

One thing I cannot stand is to go through getting a baby to sleep and then having to move them.When Aiden was little he would only go to sleep while swinging or rocking softly.I spent hours swinging him in his carrier because he would wake when the baby swing turned matter what setting it was on .With the Rock N Play I can rock the baby and stop when I like...slowly! If they are not quite asleep you can start right turning the swing back on.I also like that if he gets fussy or startled you just gently rock him for a minute and he slips back into sleep.This is great and has saved so many hours when he would have woken all the way up had he been in his bed or pack n play and had to be moved and rocked to sleep again.

I think the Rock N Play Sleeper is so much better then a bouncy seat too.None of my babies has really liked a bouncy seat and I always worry about the bouncing being too much for them.I could never use it when I needed it because putting a freshly fed baby in one of those things is always asking for trouble.I couldn't lay them down right after eating (especially with my oldest) and of course someone would come to the door as soon as I fed the last bite.In a house where UPS or Fed Ex comes almost daily that is bound to happen at least once a week.I do not answer the door with a baby in my arms.Between having to sign for packages,carry them in and of course so many weird home invasion stories ,I have to put down the baby before answering and the Rock N Play is perfect for that.

My only regret for this fabulous new baby miracle is that I did not have it for all of my children.

I wanted to put up pics of the baby enjoying the Sleeper ,but Mommy says it is too soon for that.Hopefully I can get some up soon ,but I respect her opinion in this so I will wait for now.

I was not paid for this review or required to have a favorable opinion.I did receive a Rock N Play sleeper thanks to Fisher Price and Mom Select to assist in the review process.The opinions are my own from my personal use of this item.

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