Monday, December 14, 2009

Sensodyne and She Speaks

I recently received a container of Sensodyne iso-active foaming gel toothpaste to try from If you have never heard of she speaks I suggest you give it a try.I have received many different items to try as well a high value coupons for myself and to give to others.They send you items pretty quickly and you review them.They just ask that you post your opinions on the site or fill out a questionaire(very short )that they send you after you have had time to review the product.Simple and Smart.I have received Ghiradelli chocolate,Oral B Stages and other products to try..and they are all FREE!!

I loved the Sensodyne iso-active very much and my husband did as well. He had been having tender gums for a week or 2 when my trial item arrived so I gave it to him to try out first.After just a couple of days he noticed a change  in his gums and also a more clean feeling in his mouth.My husband is a Skoal chewer so he has that tobaccoey film from the chew and this did a great job of removing that as well.I myself am a smoker and I noticed a more crisp,clean feeling after brushing with the Sensodyne.


Sensodyne® iso-active® foaming gel is a breakthrough in oral health care technology. Starting off as a gel on your brush, it instantly transforms into a micro-fine foam in your mouth. This innovative foaming action disperses quickly to penetrate critical, hard-to-reach areas providing all around protection and sensitivity relief.

Sensodyne has many different varities including whitening and fresh impact. If you have any sensitivity in your mouth or when brushing,I would reccomend Sensodyne in a second.

I was not compensated for this post.I received the toothpaste and coupons as part of my membership with She Speaks and chose to write this on my own.

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