Friday, December 18, 2009

Bitch and Moan

Fairy Blog Mother

Ok I must say this is one of my favorite posts and I LOVE to join in!!

So here goes-
Don't get me wrong I love my children,but honestly some days..I just want to get in the car and drive and drive and..well you get the picture.I homeschool my boys ages 6 and 8 and let me tell you..I would NEVER be a teacher .I would seriously go to jail for smacking the crap out of some smart mouthed lazy child.Not that I think you should smack children(especially other peoples children), but sometimes I think they are begging for a good behind reddening.My boys are WAY above average and that is due to me being SUPER STRICT about school.In my house anything below a B is just not acceptable...EVER.So today I am going over my sons gradebook (in my homeschool they have a teacher and do English and Math class online daily for an hour and then I do the lessons,spelling tests etc and submit them via Microsoft Word to the teacher as it is still a state licensed school ) so anyway I am looking at grades and I see A B A A etc and then a huge whopping C and a D in my oldest sons math quizzes.As if that is not bad enough ,when I confronted him about it he tells me-"well mom I wanted to watch TV so I just hurried (mind you he is currently grounded from the television for a previous C on a test). Then he says "who cares anyway,I won't need math when I grow up". So I spend the next hour telling him all the ways he will need math in life, even going as far as to show him,paying bills,etc.So I tell him to redo the work(even though his grade is already recorded) just so he can practice. I come back in about 10 minutes to check on him and he is finished. I ask how he got done so fast and he says "I hurried I figure I will just design video games when I grow up so I will not need math"..grrrr..I  swear one day me and that child are gonna go a few rounds.

I have been a t-mobile customer for 2 years now and I would not renew my contract if they gave me free service for life.When I signed up fpr t-mobile, they sent me the wrong phones and they had out of state phone numbers to boot.It took 3 weeks for this to be corrected and then I found out my phone was not internet capable(the only reason I even took the phone was because they told me it was fully capable).
Next we add money to out account for wallpaper and game downloads.I added 1 wallpaper and my husband did 2..we had loaded 25.00 in the account.I waited a few weeks and went to do more and low and behold but my account is empty..WTF.I call t mobile and am told they do not know what happened..O.K-how is that? Next my husbands 3 month old phoone start acting the point it had to be replaced.They sent us another Razor which worked for about 3 weeks and did the same thing.I called ,they did nothing.We had to go buy another phone out of pocket.Over the next year and a half we had EVERY issue possible and then about 3 months ago I noticed our usage was way above what it should have been..I called and they verified that they had been charging me for calls made on our My Faves which are supposed to be free and unlimited.Not only did they charge me but had been doing so the ENTIRE time we had been customers..thousands of minutes down the drain!! They said "sorry" and gave me a free month of service.The next month and each one since it has happened again.Every time I have to call and stay on the phone from an hour to an hour and a half while they go over EVERY call made on both lines and total the minutes we were charged so they can add them back to the account.This month we did all this nonsense, they added them up and then they tell me..we cannot locate 56 did not use them but they are gone from your account..WTF again.I have had it I am thinking hammer to the nokia and sony erricson phone we currently have and getting a new provider.Let them take me to court over the rest of my contract because honestly I do not see a judge making me honor it when they have screwed up so many times.The mentioned are not even 1 tenth of the problems we have experienced. I HATE T MOBILE


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

First of all on your son - sorry but I am cracking up. He will need math alright but boy he is trying everything he can think of to avoid it! Boys!

T-mobile - wow. Fortunately I have never been a customer of theirs but I have heard some pretty bad things. I would definitely switch - even if they charge to cancel. AT & T is who I use and I am very happy. I've also heard good things about Verizon. Good luck!

Ahhh - it felt good to get all of that out right? LOL

hollowsins said...

Yes my son is very

As for t-mobile..I just want to warn others so they do not make the same mistake I did.

Yes venting always feels good

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

Your poor son, he is really creative, but will get an eye opener. I say let him fail ane repeat a year... That will teach him! :-)

I'm with Jen... we have AT&T and LOVE them.