Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heavens Angel Remembering Bryson Ross

This is a very sad day for bloggers and mommies alike.Shellie from MOM DOT has lost her son in a horrible drowning accident.Bryson Ross was only 2 years old.I myself do not know this family,but I do know the site and I am a mommy too.I cannot imagine what they are going through and so close to the holidays.

I am posting this in support of the family and to let them know that people all over are thinking of them and wanting to help in any way they can.You can read more about this and join in the linky by visiting Candles for Bryson Ross.

I ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers and also remind everyone that accidents do happen and this is not the time to voice your negative opinions on Shellie or her family and their tragedy.Please just remember she is a mother who has lost her darling angel and she has enough to deal with.Life is so short and this is a reminder to us all just how short it can be.Please allow them to grieve without all the nonsense and comments,tweets and posts that are not supportive.Let this mother and her family have that at least.


trisha said...

beautiful. thankyou for your kindness.


Lisa said...

thank you for your kind words!