Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Shopping and My Giveaway Wins

So it is already the 6th, less than 3 weeks left until

How much have you finished? I am about halfway through my  buying (had a few wins in there too)
I won a Cloth Napkin Set from

I also won a fabulous Land of Nod giveaway at
Bellas Ball giveaway at
a Snazzy Baby seat at
and one from too...Thanks ladies!!

These are my most recent wins and I would like to say thank you to all of the
wonderful hosts of these sites...Happy Holidays to them all!!

I also found some great deals venturing out to shop.I got some Axe for my husband.I just love to smell him
when he wears axe.If he showers in the body wash and then uses the spray..mmm. I could smell him all day

I got  a great deal on giant coloring pads for 6.00 each and managed to snag
 Disney Princess ,Power Rangers and Ben 10 ones for my daughter and 2 boys.
I also found Planet Heroes talking figures on sale for 7.00!! I think (hope)I have finished my sons
collection of these now.

I have accumulated much more but theis is from the past 48 hours or so.
I hope everyone is not like me ,still finding extra things and wrapping days before
(or even the night before) YEAR

More to come on my fabulous finds and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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